Friday, December 10, 2010


During the break I read the Storie called A&P. This story was about the things a boy went through when his crush came around. He acted before he thought and his actions cost him, he ended up with no job and just pretty much made himself  look dumb trying to impress the girls.
It was a nice day outside considering it was winter. Thawing ice and snow covered the ground leaving it wet and slick. Her best friends pulled up to pay her a visit they were talking about the sleding trip they made to the mountains earlier that week.
 She was trying to act cool and keep up in the converstation. She picked up her little brothers razor scooter and started riding up and down the sidewalk. When her friend said lets go to the store she went down the drive way on the scooter towards her friends car. She got half way to the bottom when she hit a patch of ice and lost control of the scooter. She slipped on the ice and fell right on her back. All she heard was the roar of laughter coming from her friends she picked herself up off the ground only to reveal a soaking wet backside. She had become the laugh of the day.

Raymond Carver

Qeustion number one
I think that the characters are portrayed nicely. The husband in the begining is confused he doesnt know how to act about having a blind person in his home. At first he came off as a little bit preludice towards blind people. Later in the story his attitute changes he starts to understand how to interact with the man and in the end I would say they become friends.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Five tips for writing

1. Start your paper
I am a last minute person, but when it comes to writing I try to write some much of the paper each day until the due date. So when the paper deadline comes I am not to worried about the length and stuff.
2. Read your paper over and over
I noticed when I read my papers  over and over again I always find something that could be fixed.
3. Have some one else read your paper for feedback
I always have my sister or a friend read my papers, they tell me what they think and what they think could be changed.
4. Go over it and make the choices of whats needed and whats not needed
A lot of times I find my self babbling about unecessary stuff so I read my papers and make the choices of what should be included and what shouldn't.
5. Spellcheck
Where would I be with out spell check, I dont know

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Truths and A Lie

1.I have one brother and one sister, I am the youngest. There is a ten year age difference between my sister and I, and a twelve year age difference between my brother and I. When I meet new people back home I usually get the " I didn’t know they had a little sister,"
2.I traveled most of the North American continent, I went to Canada numerous times, I been to most of the northwest states. I went to Mexico once and the border patrol thought I wasn’t a US citizen, because I didn’t have a I.D. I had to explain where I was from, by chance there was a border patrol officer that was stationed in Havre at one time that recognized my accent and vouched for me.
3.I am double jointed, I can pop my thumb back, and bend my fingers really far back which really freaks people out. I can also bend the tip of my pointer finger with out bending any other parts of my finger. I think being double jointed is weird and not really useful for anything.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 70's Show

Out of all the sitcoms on T.V I like watching The 70's Show the most. The show is about a group of high school kids that are all friends. The show takes place some where in Wisconsin. The main character is Eric Forman played by Topher Grace who lives with his parents Red and Kitty. He hangs out with his friends Donna, Jackie, Hyde, Kelso, Fez, and Leo. All the characters are different they have different personalities, different likes and dislikes. The show is mainly a comedy about their troubles they face at home and at school during the 70's era.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Op Ed stuff

For the three Op Ed articles I have chosen to read about the Tobacco Free Campus policy that will be taken in effect next semester. The articles I read where Disturbing the Peace: Smoke and mirrors, Plavish: Puff, Puff, Past, and Disturbing the Peace: No, Really, I Get These Headaches.
The first article I read was the Disturbing the Peace: Smoke and Mirrors. This article was mainly about the author’s problem with the University of Montana’s new policy. I think some of the Ethos in this opinion article was about the local neighborhoods being affected by the smokers when the policy takes action. The author is beliefs there will be an increase of people smoking near their home and an increase of litter from the cigarette butts.  
            The second opinion article I read was Plavish: Puff, Puff, Past. This article was written by a pipe smoker. He talks about the consideration he takes toward the non smokers. I thought this author was very neutral in the predicament. Some of the Logos where his opinions on non smokers health. Reading this article I was very neutral about the opinion because the author states the good and the bad things about the new tobacco free policy.
            The third article was Disturbing the Peace: No, Really, I Get these Headaches. This article was not about the smoke free campus policy, this article was about the issues of the Montana law legalizing the use of medical cannabis. This author was very neutral in the topic, they also stated the good and the bad issues about the use of cannabis that is going on. In this article I found more ethos then pathos. A lot of the ethos I thought was guiding the reader toward supporting the medical use.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My enneagram personality test results

So as you all know I have taken a few of the enneagram personality tests. One of the tests have found me to be a helpful and anxious person. I like to think of my self as a helpful person, well I try to help others when I can. It also said that I am an anxious person, I really dont know if I am I have never gave it any thought to be truthful. I guess I will try to be more aware about my anxiety, to see if I really am an anxious person. One of the other tests showed that I ranked 70 percent in self preservation this was the highest out of the three catogories. I think this result is pretty acurate I tend to stick to my self and do what I need to do. I found some of these tests to be pretty accurate. I wonder if the results can be altered by the persons attitude when they take the test?